Berry Impact Recording Device

A sensor made to record impacts that occur during machine harvesting and packaging process for blueberries.

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Blueberry Bruise Quantification

A non-destructive method to detect and quantify blueberry bruises using hyperspectral imaging

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High Throughput Phenotyping

Depth imaging to accurately measure height of cotton plants in field conditions for breeding programs and genomics studies

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Technologies for a sustainable future

We develop innovative sensing and automation technologies for biological and food systems, contributing to providing safe and quality food in an efficient and sustainable way to feed the 9 billion people expected to inhabit our planet by the middle of this century. We strive to be among the most successful and respected in our area of endeavor. Currently, we are investigating in two exciting areas: plant phenotyping and agricultural robotics.

Lab News

  • Shrinidhi's paper "Instance Segmentation to Estimate Consumption of Corn Ears by Wild Animals for GMO Preference Tests" has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence. (December 2020) Congratulations! NEW Journal publications>>
  • Yu's paper "DeepFlower: a deep learning-based approach to characterize flowering patterns of cotton plants in the field" was recently published in Plant Methods. (December 2020) Congratulations! NEW Journal publications>>
  • Xueping's paper "Three-dimensional photogrammetry with deep learning instance segmentation to extract berry fruit harvestability traits" has been accepted by ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (November 2020). Congratulations! NEW Journal publications>>
  • Congratulations to Jawad on his accepted paper to Electronics (September 2020)! NEW Journal publications>>
  • Congratulations to Xueping on the 2020 ASABE ITSC Paper Award  (June 2020)!
  • Congratulations to Jawad, his publication has been accepted by Robotics (June 2020)! Journal publications>>
  • Congratulations to Xueping on her accepted paper to Horticulture Research (May 2020)! Journal publications>>
  • Shangpeng Sun and Yu Jiang, have accepted faculty positions at McGill University and Cornell University respectively, Congratulations!
  • Shangpeng passed his Ph.D. dissertation defense, Congratulations Shangpeng (December 2019)!
  • Tsunghan Han and Javier Rodriguez presented on their GPS triggering system at this year's GIS day!

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