Non-destructive characterization of crop and food postharvest quality

Rapid and non-destructive characterization of post-harvest quality of seeds, fruits, and vegetables is paramount to increasing crop profitability for growers and nutritious value and product quality for customers. Furthermore, simulation techniques with measurements of tissue characteristics can establish reference datasets providing scientists useful information for understanding of tissue development at the fundamental level. Our lab has developed non-destructive sensing techniques (such as: hyperspectral imaging, electronic nose, and thermal imaging) for various crop postharvest quality sensing such as blueberry internal bruising, onion postharvest diseases, and cotton fiber foreign matter.


2014, Best Paper Award from the Information and Electrical Technologies (IET) division of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

Hyperspectral imaging

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Berry impact record device (BIRD)

Please visit the BIRD project for details.

Electronic nose (e-nose)

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For more papers please visit the full publication list.

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